Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A-Day: Tuesday, April 7, 2015 and B-Day: Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Today's Tasks

1.  Finish Movie Guide:

a. We will finish the movie guide today:

b. When you have finished the movie guide, submit it to the following Assignment Submission Form:

Submit Five People Movie Guide to this link

2. Grammar: No Red Ink

a. We will continue our study and REVIEW of Capitalization Rules. There will be a test on Thursday/Friday (April 9/10). Make sure you have completed and studied the Capitalization Rules:

2. Vocabulary Chapter 17
a. We will finish our study of Vocabulary Chapter 17 today.
b. The following worksheet will be due today by the end of class: 

Vocabulary Chapter 17 Worksheet

c. Make sure you are studying the vocabulary words on a daily basis. The Quizlet Link below is a great place to do that.

Quizlet Link

d. Submit Vocabulary Chapter 17 to the following submission form:

Submit Vocabulary 17 Worksheet to this link

3. Literary Analysis Assignment:

a. We are going to write a literary analysis essay over the next couple of class periods.
b. We will begin by looking at some of the elements of a literary analysis essay and studying the following notes and the actual assignment:

Literary Analysis Terms

Literary Analysis Assignment of The Five People You Meet in Heaven

c. You must start and finish the following Literary Analysis Outline:

Literary Analysis Essay Outline

d. Here is an example of a Literary Analysis of a poem. Please read it to get a feel for what kind of essay is expected here:

Literary Analysis Example

Literary Analysis - Lesson and Notes

e. Begin work on the essay assignment. Open a new google document, name it according to the following example (A1_JonesH_LiteraryAnalysisEssay), and begin writing the essay.

4. Assignments to Complete/Homework:

a. Continue to study vocabulary words on Quizlet - DAILY!
b. Vocabulary Chapter 17 Worksheet - DUE TODAY!
c. Review Capitalization Rules on NoRedInk - TEST NEXT CLASS!
d. Literary Analysis of The Five People - DUE NEXT WEEK!

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