Friday, April 17, 2015

A-Day: Friday, April 17, 2015 and B-Day: Monday, April 20, 2015

Today's Tasks 

1. Finish Literary Analysis Essay and Submit to 

A3 Class ID: 9832791
      Psswd:    a310
A4 Class ID: 9832845
      Psswd:    a410
B4 Class ID: 9832992
      Psswd:    b410
a. Complete your essay (following the outline, including transitions). You may submit multiple drafts as you strive for the highest score possible on Utah Compose.
b. When you are ready, copy and paste your finished essay into a Google Doc, and put your essay into MLA format: Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, double spaced, 1-inch margins, header in the top right corner .5 inch from the top of the page (last name and page number), heading on the left margin of the page - Name, Teacher's Name, Class Name, Date (day month year - i.e. 22 May 2015), title is centered.
c. Submit your essay to Turnitin using the class IDs and Passwords for your class.

2. Vocabulary Chapter 19 Worksheet

a. We will begin to work on Vocabulary Chapter 19 today.
b. Download, make a copy, rename, and complete the worksheet for Chapter 19 below:
  Vocabulary Chapter 19 Worksheet
4th Quarter Submission Form
c. Make sure you are studying the vocabulary words on a daily basis. The Quizlet Link below is a great place to do that.
Quizlet Link
d. Your Vocabulary Chapter 19 Worksheet will not be due until after the end-of-level tests (April 29/30)

3. Reading Improvement:
a. We are preparing for the SAGE Language Test by improving reading skills with Read Theory.
b. Go to the following link:
c. REMEMBER! You must take at least ten new quizzes and improve your score at least one grade level BEFORE NEXT CLASS!
3. Grammar: Commas
a. Watch the following video about four main uses of the comma: Introduction to Four Main Comma Uses Video b. Download, make a copy, rename, and complete the following Comma Practice Sheet: Comma Practice Sheet
c. Go to the following NoRedInk link and complete the "Commas-SWABIs" assignment there: NoRedInk

4. Assignments to Complete/Homework:

a. Literary Analysis of The Five People (Submit to Turnitin)- DUE TODAY!
b. Continue to study vocabulary words on Quizlet - DAILY!
c. Continue to study capitalization rules on No Red Ink - DAILY!
d. Vocabulary 16-18/Capitalization TEST on  - APRIL 21/22!
e. Take at least TEN NEW QUIZZES and IMPROVE your score ONE GRADE LEVEL on NoRedInk by APRIL 21/22!
f. Complete Commas-SWABIs assignment on NoRedInk - Due by April 23/24
g. Complete Commas Worksheet - Due by April 23/24
h. END-OF-LEVEL TESTING begins next Thursday and Friday!
i. Vocabulary 19: Due after end-of-level tests- April 29/30 

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