Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A-Day: Tuesday, January 27, 2015 and B-Day: Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Today's Tasks

1. Bell Quiz -- No bell quiz today!

a. No bell quiz today! Say, thank you!

2. Grammar - Review/Reteach Parallel Structure

a. We need to review the basics of Parallel Structure.
b. As a class, review and reteach the concepts of parallel structure
c. Download, make a copy, and complete the following parallel structure worksheet:

d. Please ask questions about items with which you are still struggling.

3. Vocabulary: Chapter 13

a. We will continue our study of Vocabulary Chapter 13. 
b. If you have not downloaded and completed Chapter 13, it is reattached here:

c. This will be due NEXT CLASS.
d. Don't forget to use the following Quizlet link below to study and master this chapter and all other vocabulary chapters:

4. Breaking Down the First Few Paragraphs of an Argument Essay

a. Last class we started to read and annotate the following articles. Today, we will complete the readings and start an opening paragraph with a 3 Point Thesis Statement that follows good parallel structure.
b. If you did not get the articles finished last class, they are reattached below:

Six Reasons to Panic

Massive Improvement in Ebola Fight

c. When you complete these articles today, they need to be submitted for credit.

d. Once you have read the two articles and submitted, you will need to write a full opening paragraph with all the parts. 

e. Download, make a copy, and complete the opening paragraph part of the following prompt:

EBOLA: Concerned or Not Concerned

f. We will peer review and class review these paragraphs in class.

5. Homework:

a. Vocabulary Chapter 13 Worksheet -- DUE NEXT CLASS!
b. Study vocabulary words on Quizlet - DUE DAILY!
c. Write your opening paragraph for the Ebola Topic -- DUE TODAY!

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