Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A-Day: Monday, January 14, 2015 and B-Day: Tuesday, January 15, 2015

Today's Tasks

1. Grammar - Colons and Semicolons

a. If you did not get the Colons and Semicolons Notes, I am reattaching it here:

b. We will go over the following Worksheet #1 today.

c. Today's Colons and Semicolons Worksheet #2 will continue our study on the use of these two important punctuation marks. 

Colons and Semicolons Worksheet #2

d. Download, make a copy and complete the above worksheet.
e. Remember, most of the questions and problems in quizzes and tests will come from these worksheets, so work hard to understand and master the concepts.

2. Vocabulary: Chapter 11

a. Continue your study of the Chapter 11 Vocabulary worksheet and list.
b.  If you did not get the worksheet, it is relinked below.

b. Don't forget to use the following Quizlet link below to study and master this chapter and all other vocabulary chapters:

3. Memorizing the Argument Writing Outline

a. We will take a quiz on the argument writing outline. 
b. Below is the original and one that is more easy to memorize.
c. We will have a quiz today on this sheet. 

4. Seeing the Outline/Pattern in an Example Essay:

a. Download the following argument essay assignment:

Finding the Outline Parts in an Essay

b. Make a copy, rename, and complete the assignment as instructed at the top of the essay.

5.  Homework:

a. Vocabulary Chapter 11 Worksheet -- DUE NEXT CLASS!
b. Study these vocabulary words on Quizlet - DUE DAILY!
c. Colon and Semicolon Worksheet #2 - Colons vs Semicolons - DUE NEXT CLASS!
d. Argument Writing Outline with Transitions Memorized - DUE TODAY!
e. Finding the Outline Parts in an Essay - DUE NEXT CLASS!

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