Monday, January 12, 2015

A-Day: Monday, January 12, 2015 and B-Day: Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Today's Tasks

1. Grammar - Colons and Semicolons

a. We are going to start studying the difference between colons and semicolons. 
b. Download the following notes, make a copy and get ready to take your own notes:

c. After reading the notes, download the following notes, make a copy, and complete the worksheet:

d. Remember, most of the questions and problems in quizzes and tests will come from these worksheets, so work hard to understand and master the concepts.

2. Vocabulary: Chapter 11

a. Download, make a copy, and complete the following Vocabulary Chapter 11 Worksheet:

b. Don't forget to use the following Quizlet link below to study and master this chapter and all other vocabulary chapters:

3. Memorizing the Argument Writing Outline

a. Download a fresh copy of the following Argument Writing Outline:

b. Make a copy and begin to memorize all the elements of the outline and the patterns of transitions that work together.
c. We will have a quiz next class to demonstrate your mastery of this outline and writing format.

4.  Homework:

a. Vocabulary Chapter 11 Worksheet -- DUE TWO CLASSES FROM TODAY!
b. Study these vocabulary words on Quizlet - DUE DAILY!
c. Colon and Semicolon Worksheet #1 - Commas vs Semicolons - DUE NEXT CLASS!
d. Argument Writing Outline with Transitions Memorized - DUE NEXT CLASS!

English 10 on Quizlet

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