Friday, December 5, 2014

A-Day: Friday, December 5, 2014 and B-Day: Monday, December 8, 2014

Today's Tasks

1. Grammar - Pronoun Case... Continued

a. We will do a final review of both Pronoun Case Worksheets:

Pronoun Case Worksheet #1

Pronoun Case Worksheet #2

b. Submit both worksheets on the same submission form below:

2nd Quarter Submission Form

2. Vocabulary 

a. Go over and review any concerns on the Vocabulary Chapter Nine Worksheet.
b. If you did not get this worksheet last class, it is relinked here:

c. Submit the completed Vocabulary Chapter Nine Worksheet to the following submission form:

3. Final Day of Reading the Declaration of Independence

a. We will continue, as a class, to read and study the Declaration of Independence. We are studying the main idea, the structure, and the craft behind this great document.
b. If you did not get the assignment yet, it is relinked here:

b. We will reread it again to "Get the GIST."
c. Download the following reading strategy Get the GIST reading strategy, make a copy, rename it, and complete it.

d. Be ready to share and discuss your 20-Word Summary and discuss. 
e. Submit your Declaration of Independence with Ten Comments and the Gist assignment on the same entry on the submission form below.

2nd Quarter Submission Form

Due Today:

a. Vocabulary Chapter Nine Worksheet is... DUE TODAY!
b. Declaration of Independence with Comments and Gist Assignment ... DUE TODAY!
c. Pronoun Case Worksheets #1 and #2 will both be... DUE TODAY!

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